G.E.S is the sea export company for, a group of companies who specialize in all other logistic services but Sea Export. G.E.S Located in Tel Aviv, with branches in Haifa and Ashdod ports.We serve our partners (all 7 companies), our clients and agent net work.

We enjoy the benefits of being part of this group such as, the highest finance capabilities in the Israeli market,

the most advanced systems, 24/7 back up and available personal at our offices.

Acting as an NVOCC we offer lower rates then the market.

 Paying over then USD 50,000 a year for insurances for our BL’s and other professional insurances,

making the ride with us much safer. 

We have 75 people available for accounting, 100 available for custom clearance & our staff is available 24/7 and will

always do the best to assure your shipment will arrive on time.

We are the specialists in sea export from Israel, reliable, very low rates as we work on high volumes

and yearly contracts.

Contact us now and we will do our best for a win win..